Political land Jurisdiction and Boundaries

Upon its creation, Section 1 of the said decree were barrios, sitios, settlements being separated from their respective municipalities and the same are constituted into a new and separate municipality, to be known as the Municipality of Tboli in the Province of South Cotabato, with the seat of government at sitio Kematu were as follows:

From Surallah - the barrio of Sinolon, Edwards, Halilan, Laconon, Lamcade, Maculan, Lamdalag, and New Dumangas, the sitios and/or settlements of Tbolis: Lambuling, Afus(upper Sapali), Datal Tablow, Lem Sene, Lemhoku, Te Kunil, Lem Lahak, Datal Kamalas, Datal Tabayong and the settlements of North and West Parker, Dumamis, Datal Bob, Blong Kolon, Datal Kampong, Te Henled, Tafal, Datal Lawa, Manubo Blit, Lam-Alo, Southern Lam Laat, Disuwo, Sapu and other places.

From Banga - The barrio of Lamsalome and the settlements of Lefu, Latil and other places.

From Tupi - The barrio of Lambangan and ythe settlements of Basag, Lem Lago and Other places.

From Polomolok - The sitios of Aflek, Upper Bianan, Upper Bentong, Upper Glamang and the settlements of Kebiling, East Parker and other places.

From Maasim - The settlements of upper Siguil, Lem Labong, South East Parker and Other places.

From Kiamba - The settlements of Upper Tambilil River and other places;

From Maitum - The settlements of Anko, Yama, Upper Ned, Kalaong and other places;

And, the Tasaday-Manubo Blit Rservation (under Presidential Proclamation No.995) and Tboli Reservation (under Pres. Proc. No. 697).

Of the above dominion, the newly established town, is predominantly inhabited by the different Indigenous Groups such as Tbolis, Blaans, Ubo, Munu bo Blit, , Manubo Sdaf, and partly Maguinadanaon (muslims) and non-IPs pioneer settlers.

As mentioned, the law likewise specified the manner in which the municipality was to be governed composing eleven(11) regular barrios political jurisdiction namely Sinolon, Edwards, Halilan, Laconon, Lamcade, Maculan, Lamdalag, New Dumangas, Lamsalome, Lambangan and Ned.

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