Political Dependency

The First to Current Political Leadership and its Highlights

On March 16, 1974, the first appointed Municipal Officials took their oath of office before Hon. Sergio B. Morales, Provincial Governor of South Cotabato.

The following Municipal Officials were:

Municipal Mayor : Hon. Mai T. Tuan

Municipal Vice Mayor : Hon. Dimas Tanco

Municipal Councilors

Fludi Tuan : Norberto Lapastora, Sr.
Leonardo Derilon : Angkoy Buntol
Felino Ofong : Pandalat Dala

Later, sectoral representatives were also appointed namely:

Narciso Barredo : labor Sector
Manuel Gestosani : Business Sector
Supremo Gulac : Agriculture Sector

Changing Fortunes of Tboli Municipality

Upon assumption of office of Mayor Mai Tuan as the first mayor of the municipality, in his leadership, he initiated his intention to establish the Urban Center where the permanent municipal hall building and its component offices, spaces and facilities has to be constructed. Various land owners had donated portions of their landholdings mentioning the Tanco, Quevedo, and Blancia family shared for that purpose.

On January 1980, the first Municipal Election was held and election turnouts were the following:

Municipal Mayor : Hon. Mai T. Tuan
Municipal Vice Mayor : Hon. Dimas Tanco

Sangguniang Bayan Members

Arcadio Adelantar, Sr. : Ramon Ballao
Herrnenio Falalimpa : Felino Ofong
Fludi Tuan : Sungka D. Lugan

Sectoral Representatives were appointed namely:

Maria Leysa : ABC President
Mercy Domejes : KB Chairman

Under this administration, On August 30 1981, the original Town Plan of Tboli which was prepared, adopted and approved subject to endorsement by the Regional Development Council (RDC) as prepared by the Municipal Planning and Development Staff headed by MPDC Julian Asion Sr. with the Technical Working Group assistance of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Commission (HLRC).

The original physical plan of the Town was prepared reflecting the Land Use and Zonification in the Urban Core from which the avenues radiate towards the outer reaches now known as Barangay Poblacion.

During that decade, in 1984, Tboli was reduced when municipality of Lake Sebu in turn was created. It was a day of depression for Tboli since the BIR allotments and aids from National Government were also reduced. All casual and temporary employees were laid off due to this effect. On that effect, the remaining land area to Tboli after subtracted figure ceded to the municipality of Lake Sebu equivalent to 91,527 hectares more or less. Likewise, total population counted to ___ inhabitants.

In the early days of EDSA Revolution, another horrible setback shock the growing municipality. All local executive were being placed by Officer-In-Charge in order to conform with national policy of total change. The municipality of Tboli encountered hardship in this era of replacements. Mai Tuan, the Municipal Mayor was replaced by Concordio Susarno, the instituted Officer-In-Charge. Upon the stripping off of his authority on May 1986. Mai Tuan went up to the hills together with his supporters and stayed there to clear his mind and witness the tranquility of the mountain life.

Peace and Order conditions were disrupted and lawless violence, robbery and hold-ups took place in most of the barangays of Tboli. It was only on October 1986 that peace and order condition came back to normal through military interventions.

In the first local election after the EDSA Revolution on January 28, 1987, Mai Tuan run for re-election and won the affirmation of both settlers of Tbolis and other tribes. He ran the affairs of the government smoothly and peace and order situation continued to be normal not until the arrival of miners coming from various points not only in Mindanao but also from the island of Luzon.

In 1990, small scale gold mining operations in Barangay Kematu and Desawo began to attract hordes of fortune seekers dreaming for the elusive precious metal. Total revenue of Tboli rose to P1.8 Million annually from mining permits and licenses secured by mining operators and other sources of revenues.

Synchronized election was held on May 11, 1992. The political situation become very interesting for the three Tuan brothers, who, all ran for Mayor of the town not mentioning their candidates. Of three, Dad D. Tuan, the youngest of them all holds the distinction of being the first Tboli Aircraft Pilot emerged the winner.

The complete result of May 1992 election were as follows:

Municipal Mayor : Hon. Dad D. Tuan
Municipal Vice Mayor : Hon. Salvador T. Ramos

Sangguniang Bayan Members

Hon. Yap A. Wing Hon. Juan T. dela Cruz
Hon. Edmund S. Ugal Hon. Romeo P. Tidula
Hon. Mary C. Atam Hon. Nato G. Tangcala
Hon. Samuel . Haus Hon. Ronie L. dela Peña

With sectoral representative namely:

Elizar D. Dologmanding : ABC President
Dibu S. Tuan: SK President

Upon assuming his post as the chief executive of the town, Dad D. Tuan made his vow to change the style of administration and introduce the needed reforms for a more effective and responsive government. During his administration, the compliance to formulate Comprehensive Land Use Plan(CLUP) and the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) as mandated pursuant Local Government Code of 1991 (RA 7160) has been prepared being spearheaded by the Municipal Planning Office. The revision of the Town Plan while updating its sectoral development framework, expanding the physical lay-out plan and the ratification of Land Use and Zoning Ordinance of the municipality took on December 1995.

At that context, due to richness and abundance of natural resources, favorable climatic conditions, the agro-industrial development has promoted as the major goal of the locality being sketch in its vision.

Progress in Municipality of Tboli continued, it was simultaneous expansion of pineapple plantation, small scale mining production and exploration occurred and other socio-economic grants, support and services given to the community while continuous increase of Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) annually in the coffer of the municipal government of Tboli.

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